A Peloton (Team) is a great way for a group of 5 riders or more to share their experience. Want more information about Pelotons (Teams)? Click here!

You must be logged in to your account and registered to ride in order to join or create a Peloton (Team). If you have not yet registered to ride – click here to get started.

Once you have registered to ride, search for the team you would like to join and then select the orange ‘Join Peloton’ button to join the Peloton (Team). Or select ‘Create a Peloton’ below to create a new Peloton (Team).  Remember you can only be a part of one Peloton (Team). 

Pelotons directory

  • Peloton logo of Victory Riders Victory Riders
    5 riders
  • Peloton logo of VPHS Cancer Killers VPHS Cancer Killers
    12 riders
  • Peloton logo of Wheaties Wheels Wheaties Wheels
    5 riders
  • Peloton logo of Wheels of Justice Wheels of Justice
    7 riders
  • Peloton logo of YA Revolution YA Revolution
    9 riders